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World War Z update plan includes a new Tokyo mission, horde mode, and FOV slider

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I really didn't expect yet another zombie game, especially one based on a book that already had a movie adaptation six years ago, to amount to much. But it turns out World War Z proved me wrong, selling 'well above expectations' on PC and topping a million sales across PC and consoles.

Now that WWZed is established as a legitimate success, developer Saber Interactive has laid out its plans for post-release updates, which will begin later this month with a new mission set in Tokyo. The May add-on will also add a new type of zombie that spits a deadly virus and can come back to life (well, undeath) if it's not "properly dispatched."   

In June, new cosmetics and a "six-skull" difficulty setting will be added, with a special reward for players who can handle it, and in July Saber plans to add a weekly challenge mode, along with yet more cosmetics and "other goodies." Also in the works, but with no timeline attached, are a wave-based survival mode, private lobbies, class-switching during PvPvZ matches, and FOV and graphical detail sliders for the PC release.   

All of the new content listed in the update roadmap will be free for all players.