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Toonstruck, starring Christopher Lloyd and Ben Stein, is free on GOG

GOG's Summer Sale is ending soon, but before it does, it's got one more free game to throw at you: Toonstruck, a mid-90s hybrid-FMV adventure featuring Christopher Lloyd, Ben Stein, Tim Curry, Dom DeLuise, David Ogden Stiers, Dan Castellaneta, Rob Paulsen, and Frank Welker. 

Toonstruck is mainly a hand-drawn game, but features Lloyd's digitized likeness as the player character, an animator named Drew Blanc. He's transported to the animated land of Cutopia, which he must save from the clutches of a ruthless villain, Count Nefarious, voiced by—what a surprise—Tim Curry. It was a pretty decent game but didn't sell very well at all, despite the big cast (I guess Keanu was right), and thus it is now yours for the taking. 

Toonstruck is free on GOG until 7 am PT/10 am ET on June 16. The GOG Summer Sale comes to an end at 3 pm PT/6 pm ET on June 17. 

Andy Chalk
Andy covers the day-to-day happenings in the big, wide world of PC gaming—the stuff we call "news." In his off hours, he wishes he had time to play the 80-hour RPGs and immersive sims he used to love so much.