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Titanfall 2 speedrunner reclaims the Gauntlet record by a hair

A pilot holds his helmet while a massive robot looms behind
(Image credit: EA)

A Titanfall 2 speedrunner has reclaimed the fastest time in the game's notorious gauntlet, after his seemingly-untouchable previous record was smashed last week.

A speedrunner's dream built into Titanfall 2's tutorial level, the gauntlet is a hotly contested trial so infamous Respawn built it into the backstory of Apex Legends hero Octane. But until recently, it looked like nobody would top speedrunner Cash Mayo's 11.7 second run.

Then, last week, Mayo's throne was decisively usurped by Whatevershoe, posting a 11.2 second run. Not one to be outdone, Mayo immediately set to work reclaiming his crown. This weekend, he snagged it, posting an 11.1 second run shared by Respawn comms director Ryan K. Rigney.

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The timing couldn't be better, either. Titanfall 2 just received a free weekend, following an incredible surge in playersachieved in part thanks to Apex Legends' Titan-heavy new season. Apex itself is crushing it when it comes to player counts, with Season 9 bringing the battle royale to record concurrents on Steam.

All that remains now is to see if Mayo's latest record will be as long-standing as his previous one. But if anyone else manages to finally push the gauntlet below the 11-second mark, you can sure he'll be right on their tail—likely after tossing a grenade at his feet for an extra speed boost.

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