Titanfall 2 hit a record player count on Steam thanks to Apex Legends and a sale

Titanfall 2
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In the last 24 hours, Titanfall 2 hit a new peak player count of 16,958 on Steam. Back at its launch on the store in June of 2020 it peaked at 13,427 players and had steadily dropped down to just a few thousand until midway through April. That leap is thanks in part to a Steam sale that saw the price drop to $7.50, but Respawn's previous shooter has also seen a resurgence in interest thanks to their current shooter, Apex Legends.

The forthcoming Apex Legends Season 9 will feature a bunch of references to Titanfall 2, with which it shares a setting. A recent video introduced the forthcoming legend Kairi "Valkyrie" Imahara, a hotshot titan pilot seen taking a ride in her father's mech—her father being Viper, the boss of Titanfall 2's airship level. We've also seen more of Kuben Blisk lately, the IMC mercenary who created the Apex Games and has been a recurring character since the first Titanfall back in 2014.

Meanwhile, Apex Legends is scheduled to reveal a new mode on April 26 at 8am PT, which will apparently "go beyond battle royale".

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