Titanfall 2 is free for the weekend on Steam

Titanfall 2
(Image credit: Titanfall 2)

Titanfall 2 is a really great FPS that, for a variety of reasons (but really, just one) tanked badly when it came out in 2016. Its release on Steam last year kicked off a remarkable resurgence in interest, however, which recently got another big boost thanks to the presence of Titanfall 2 content in Apex Legends.

If you haven't already sampled its many pleasures for yourself, you can now do so for free: Titanfall 2 is fully free to play on Steam until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on May 3. Just mash the "Play Game" button and wait for a 30GB download to grind through, and you'll be ready to jump in and start shooting. Multiplayer is on tap too, but personally I'd recommend sticking with the campaign—it's really good.

As an eternal optimist, I feel a spark of hope that maybe—maybe—all of this activity and interest will eventually lead us toward a new and long overdue Titanfall game. In the meantime, we have Apex, which is set in the same universe, and the new competitor Valkyrie, a hotshot Titan pilot who will join the action in season 9, which begins on May 4. It's not the same as wall-running and getting fastballed by BT-7274, but it's pretty good stuff in its own right.

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Andy Chalk

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