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The Sims 4 will soon let you create a sim from a personality quiz

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An upcoming update to the Sims 4 introduces a new way to simply create a sim with well-rounded traits called Create-a-Sim Stories. Instead of hand-picking a sim's traits, you can choose to take a 10-question personality quiz instead.

If you're trying to make yourself in The Sims or have a specific personality in mind, it's as easy as answering questions based on that person. The questions themselves are lighthearted, Sims-related scenarios that ask how you'd react.

For example, you can answer "What's most important to me when selecting a place to live?" with "Showing off my wealth!" or "I'll embrace communal living."

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My favorite question shown in the Maxis live stream (above) is "Bugs, critters, and all that?" The audience voted for a resounding "NOPE!" response to that one. As a result, their final Sim had the Squeamish trait. The quiz can also assign your sim a career and even decide if they have more or less money at the start.

If you don't like a question or don't think it applies to your sim, you can always re-roll it and get a new one. Producer Graham Nardone said the quiz has a lot of questions that directly reference The Sims 4 game packs, but you need own them to see them.

After the quiz, your sim is generated and its acquired traits are locked in. The quiz doesn't have an effect on the sim's appearance, so you can change that as you would normally.

Nardone made it very clear that the quiz "will not change anything about the old process. If you still want to create your sim the normal way, you totally can." There's no release date for the update, but expect it soon.

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