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The Saxxy Awards 2013 winners announced, provide many minutes of animated merriment

Last night, Valve revealed the winners of their Source Filmmaker competition, The Saxxy Awards. After a public nomination process, five videos have been crowned, with top entries chosen in the categories of Best Comedy, Drama, Action and Short, as well as an Overall Winner. Head below to see the chosen few. Just don't roll out a red carpet. It would only annoy the BLU team.

Best Short: The Mann Co. Symphony

Best Action: Chinatown Getaway

Best Comedy: Disruption

Best Drama: Till Death Do Us Part Two

Overall Winner: Lil' Pyro Guardian

If, like me, you're not ready to stop watching funny animated videos and pretending it's work, head over to the Saxxy mini-site to view the nominees. Then, pop over to Valve's list of Honorable Mentions , where you'll find excellent near-misses, like the bizarre The Advantages of Sandviches . Still not done? Find all Saxxy entrants over at the Steam community page .

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