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The next Rage 2 expansion gives you a sword and a bunch of skeletons to kill

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(Image credit: Bethesda)

Rage 2 is getting its second expansion on November 14 in the form of Terrormania. As the name implies, things get terrifying: the wasteland has transformed into a "twisted and cursed alternate reality" and there are skeletons everywhere. Naturally, the skeletons want to kill you.

So it's lucky that Terrormania introduces a new weapon in the form of the Sword of Transitus. It's an "ancient relic of unspeakable power" with which you'll murder, or smash apart, the aforementioned skeletons.

While the alternate reality version of the wasteland will mostly be a hell-ified version of what we've already explored, there are new areas including the Floating Islands and the Hospital, while familiar landmarks like Wellspring and Overgrown City will become 'Hellspring' and 'Overbone City' respectively. You can really see what they've done there.

"When some hapless Goons tear open a gateway to an alternate dimension called the Deadlands, it’s up to Ranger Walker to find a way to close it before the inhabitants of that creepy world make their way into the real world," so reads the description.

The base expansion will cost 500 RAGE coins, which is $5. Full details are on the Bethesda website.

Shaun Prescott
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