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The Division 2 takes a trip to Coney Island next month

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What better way to brighten up a post-pandemic wasteland than with a trip to Coney Island? That's where The Division 2 is going next month when Episode 3 of its ongoing free story DLC releases. It's not going to be a walk in the park (well, some of will be, this being Coney Island), because you're going there to retrieve a doctor who may hold the secret to solving the virus that has destroyed America.

The trailer above gives you a good idea of what to expect: Some nice neon lighting, ceaseless armed conflict and, ah, surface to air missiles? Black Tusk is who has the doctor and is who you'll be facing off against in this instalment, which releases on an unspecified day in February, but if you have the Year 1 Pass you'll get access to it a week earlier.

If it tickles your fancy but you're yet to try the game, Ubisoft is currently running a Lunar New Year Sale which discounts all versions of the game by 85 percent.

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