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The Division 1.1 update rolls out soon, so here's a trailer for the Incursion

The Division

It's well-established that The Division is getting a major patch this week: we learnt a bit about the new gear sets rolling out yesterday, and there were some pretty thorough patch notes released a few days back. But for those among us who would prefer to watch than read (why are you even reading this?) then the video embedded above should prove very helpful indeed.

The crowning jewel in patch 1.1 is the first Incursion, which is basically The Division's version of a raid. As the video demonstrates, the first Incursion is called Falcon Lost, and it will take place in a water treatment plant – a suitably dark, waist-high-cover strewn environment. This Incursion will require a "high degree of skill", and beating it will reward the aforementioned gear sets and other items. The patch rolls out on April 12, ie, in a couple of hours.

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