Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a movie starring James Marsden

There is going to be a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and James Marsden is going to star in it. Or at least, that's what Variety is reporting, and knowing things like this is their beat. 

It's a live-action/animation hybrid starring the Westworld star, and while it's unclear what role Marsden will play, it's unlikely he'll star as Tails. The "animation" side of the aforementioned hybrid likely means that the Sonic stars will be CGI, while Marsden will stay in the flesh world. Think the ye olde Roger Rabbit movie. This will be the first ever Sonic film adaptation. It's incredible that they've held out for this long.

The film will be directed by Jeff Fowler, produced by Neal H. Moritz, and executive produced by Deadpool director Tim Miller. It's scheduled to release on November 15 next year, so you can start planning your total social media blackout right now.

In serendipitous news, SEGA announced a brand new Sonic kart racer earlier today. It's a truly great time to love the weird, cumbersome, and undeniably blue hedgehog.

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