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Show us your Pillars of Eternity hero


As Andy notes in the first sentence of his 92% review, the character creation screen tells you all you need to know about Pillars of Eternity. It's a sprawling map of choices, each one further defining who you want to be across an adventure that could last hundreds of hours. Of course you're going to take time with it; who you become defines the game that you'll play.

So who are you? We'd like you to show us your Pillars of Eternity characters. Are you a stout, gun-toting dwarf; a slender, magic-fuelled elf; or perhaps you're one of those 'human' things such RPGs always seem to include? Do they have a pet bear?

Send us a screenshot of your character, either in the inventory view or, if they're clearly visible, an in-game shot. Let us know their name, skills, stats, notable equipment or preferred tactics. We don't just want to know what they look like, but who they are.

To submit your shot and character details, provide an Imgur link in a comment below or email me. If possible, avoid cropping or resizing your shot. Next week, we'll round up our favourite community characters for all to see.

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Phil Savage
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