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Shelter 2 footage is adorable, terrifying

Shelter 2

Scary animal survival game Shelter 2 is coming in February next year, after a slight delay. Before then, we have another harsh winter to get through, something much easier to accomplish when you're a human and you feed yourself by popping to your local supermarket or visiting the chip shop. Keeping your family alive as a lynx is quite a bit harder, as this first footage from the upcoming Shelter 2 confirms. First you have to stalk your prey, then you have to kill it, all while making sure your little'uns haven't wandered off or been eaten by a passing eagle. Survival is a serious busine-d'awww, would you look at all the adorable little lynx cubs.

I'm not sure I can play a game where one of those cute little things could die at any moment. But then, I'm not sure I can not play a game featuring them in the first place. I have a few months left to ponder this dilemma—Shelter 2 isn't out until February, on, Steam, and "other digital platforms".