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Save over £100 on a Surface Pro 4 this month

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The Surface Pro 4 is the best one in Microsoft's line of tablet / laptops yet, that is until the Surface Pro 5 gets announced, which will likely happen during the next few months. Rumors have been circulating that Microsoft is getting ready to unveil the new model, and this price cut on the Surface Pro 4 could add fuel to the fire. For the rest of the month you can get 15 percent off two of the lower-end options on the Microsoft Store

The basic model is down to £635 from £749, and features an Intel Core m3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB internal storage. The next step up from that is also on sale. For £720 (instead of £849), you'll get a slightly more impressive Intel Core i5 processor, but sadly you're still limited to just 4GB RAM and 128GB storage space. It's a shame the 8GB and 16GB RAM models aren't on sale too, especially since they also come with upgraded processors and storage. 

With these lower end models, you're more likely to use them for work than play, but you will be able to play more basic games on there. Just don't expect to be able to play newer, graphically demanding games on anything higher than the lowest settings, if at all. 

What you do get is a very crisp 12.3-inch display, in Microsoft's odd yet unique 3x2 aspect ratio, with a tasty resolution of 2736x1824. You can prop it up at any angle, spin it round, and turn the laptop into a tablet. Gone are the days where the Surface Pro is seen as an awkward middle ground between laptop and tablet, now it can hang with both crowds. As we point out in our review though, it does make some small concessions, and there's only one USB port. You've got until midnight on January 31 to decide whether or not you want to grab this deal.

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