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Mad Max footage shows 20 minutes of riding, scavenging, punching

MadMax_Shotgun Combat

I love a good desert. (Also a good dessert, which might be why I haven't dared weigh myself in years.) The best deserts feel vast, alien and lonely, and on that note I am a little worried by the seemingly constant presence of your mechanic chum in Mad Max. Avalanche's open world grab-bag is certainly looking nice though, with a lovely blue sky and sand that often actually looks sandy, rather than just brown.

Do you want 20 minutes of new in-game footage, smuggled by IGN out of Gamescom? Given that the game's out in just a few weeks (September 1st), perhaps you'd rather not be spoiled, but it might be a good idea to scan through it a bit, to see if it's the sort of thing you'll enjoy playing.