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Latest No Man's Sky patch squashes save bugs and adds varied ship handling

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In the fifth patch since No Man's Sky's massive Atlas Rises update last month, developer Hello Games has fixed an annoying save issue and added more variety to the way ships handle.

Some players were previously unable to save their game if they'd played for a very long time, which must have been infuriating. Now there should be no more issues.

On the ship handling side, different types and classes of ships now have distinct handling styles, which could give players more incentive to save up for a new craft. "Each individual ship now has procedural handling and speed characteristics, based on their type and class," Hello Games said.

There's a whole cargo hold of other tweaks under the hood, many of which relate to improving the user interface (which is now easier to navigate with the keyboard) and fixing visual anomalies, such as large white markers showing up permanently over certain buildings. Read the full list of changes in the patch notes.

When I wrote about a previous patch I asked whether now was a good time to jump on board. The response was a resounding yes, with people saying it's now close to the game they wanted when it launched. It's good to see it being continually supported, and hopefully it will only keep improving from here.

If you're interested in more reading about the current state of the game, check out Chris's deep dive (written pre-Atlas Rises).

Samuel Horti

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