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Knockout City gets a cross-platform open beta this weekend

EA wants you to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way through competitive ball-hucker Knockout City, throwing up an open beta for the 3v3 arena this Friday through Monday. 

Announced in February with a trailer that was more memorable for its framing than the game itself, Knockout City is a dodgeball team deathmatch. Two teams compete to slam each other with tough rubber balls, using trick-shots, fake-outs and good old hero abilities to ensure their opponents can't catch their throw and slam 'em right back.

A closed beta followed the game's reveal that month. But this weekend, anyone and everyone can get in, with a cross-platform beta across Steam, consoles, and a newly-announced spot on the Epic Games Store. The beta will feature three modes (Team KO, Face-Off and Diamond Dash) across four maps, with four special balls to choose from.

Of course, novelty arena shooters have a notorious habit of fizzling out pretty fast (remember Rocket Arena, anyone?). In his preview, Tyler was sceptical of Knockout City's ability to hold an audience, given its haphazard 'hello, fellow kids' art direction. But the core dodge-brawling has promise, and between being temporarily free at launch and supporting full cross-play, Knockout City might survive long enough to find solid footing.

The Knockout City Open Beta can be pre-loaded now, going live on Friday, April 2nd at 6am PT / 2pm BST. Knockout City launches fully this May 21st.

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