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Indie platformer Shovel Knight given jaunty new trailer, Winter release window

Have we mentioned Shovel Knight before now? Sort of but not really , so here's a quick precis: it's an old-fashioned 8-bit-style platformer starring - as the name suggests - a shovel-wielding knight. Back in March/April, Yacht Club Games' spade-happy title raised all the money and then some on Kickstarter , and now the game is nearing its release. 'Winter' is the only clue we have to go on right now, but this fab new trailer should help to ease the pain of uncertainty a bit.

As you can see, Shovel Knight's oddly-equipped hero certainly makes the most of his garden implement, using it to dig, pound, air-dash, deflect and more - I love to see a developer using an idea to its full potential. It looks like a modern-day DuckTales, but one I'd actually want to play - roll on 'sometime this Winter'.

Cheers, IndieGames .