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Tribes of Midgard: How to repair weapons and gear

Tribes of Midgard
(Image credit: Norsfell)

Want to know how to repair weapons in Tribes of Midgard? You'll need to do it fairly often because weapons, gear, and tools become damaged pretty quickly during fights and resource gathering. The thing is, it's not immediately obvious how to do it, or even where to find the repair bench.

It's also easy to not notice a weapon has completely broken, because when a weapon breaks, your Viking will automatically switch to another weapon in your inventory. So you may suddenly find yourself in dire need of weapon repairs.

There's only one way to repair your weapons in Tribes of Midgard: you'll need to visit the repair bench.

Tribes of Midgard: Repair bench location

(Image credit: Norsfell)

The repair bench is located on the east side of your village, up some wooden stairs and close to the big storage chest on the raised landing. To find it, look for Steinar the blacksmith when you're in the village. He's marked on the minimap with an anvil icon. The blacksmith is standing near the steps you need, just move directly south of him and run up the steps toward the right side of the screen.

You don't need iron or wood or any other physical resources to repair your weapons, you only need souls. Souls can be gathered by performing tasks, gathering resources, killing monsters, and doing just about anything else in Tribes of Midgard. When you're at the repair bench, clicking on a piece of gear will show you how many souls you need to repair it.

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