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How tall is Lady Dimitrescu?

VIDEO: How tall is Lady Dimitrescu? also available on YouTube

Resident Evil Village's scary new monster person is tall. And that's fun. So we're all treading water in this new flood of fanart and cosplay and fear and arousal, and now Capcom's tossing out little lifesavers to keep the PR above water, most recently confirming the canonical height of our tall new frenemy Lady Dimitrescu. Let's just call her Lady D.

She's around 9'6", according to Capcom. I was recently googling shark lengths (don't worry about why) and it struck me how damn tall that actually is. With something to compare her to, it was easier to picture her in the room with me, cackling maniacally, perhaps stepping on my throat. And I want to share that feeling. 

So here's a video that uses bad math in which we compare Lady D's height to other things with height. Enjoy. 

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