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Harambe Vs. Capcom is a free fighter featuring the internet's favourite gorilla

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Harambe may have been fatally shot at the Cincinnati Zoo on that fateful day in May, but the gorilla's legacy lives on. And not just as planet names in No Man's Sky, or as gamer tags in Overwatch: he's also got his very own video game, in which he gets his revenge against some conspiring Capcom characters.

Harambe vs. Capcom is a free-to-download fighter starring the legendary simian, and it sees him fighting against a shadow agency hellbent on his death. As the trailer below explains, the agency wants him dead because he possesses "psychic powers", so with the help of Ryu, Harambe must flee to Africa. But not before bashing a bunch of people.

The fan tribute comes courtesy of Otaku Gang, which is responsible for a bunch of pop culture and games mash-ups, including a platformer featuring 50 Cent.  Check out some more of their work over here, and download Harambe vs. Capcom here.

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