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G.Skill is plundering Sumerian mythology for its first custom AIO CPU cooler

G.Skill ENKI Series AIO Cooler
(Image credit: G.Skill)
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G.Skill is most synonymous high-end memory products, and as it relates to that, it is very much involved in the extreme overclocking scene—its RAM accounts for around half of the top 20 DDR4 frequency records at HWBOT. But like many memory makers, RAM is only part of a fleshed out product lineup. One area G.Skill has not dabbled in, however, is CPU cooling, but that now changes with the introduction of its ENKI series of all-in-one liquid coolers.

Despite being new territory for G.Skill, it has already mastered the art of marketing, as it pertains to liquid cooling.

"Named after the ancient Sumerian god of water, the ENKI series AIO is a custom-designed AIO CPU cooler that focuses on high cooling performance by eliminating heat-transfer bottlenecks and engineered to efficiently extract heat from the CPU, through specially-selected low thermal resistance thermal paste, across the custom-tuned convex copper cold plate, and into the high-density radiator via widened, low-evaporation coolant tubing," G.Skill explains.

In other words, it's a traditional liquid cooler, in that there is a cold plate, tubing, a pump, and a radiator, all assembled into a presumably easy-to-install all-in-one kit. Though to be fair, that might be selling it short.

G.Skill tells us it is using its own custom solution, meaning this is not a rebadged AIO cooler with its name stamped on it. Part of that entails the custom-tuned convex cold plate, designed to minimize the travel distance of heat pulled from the CPU through the "server-grade" thermal paste and into the solid copper plate.

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"On the other side of the cold plate, stair-shaped high-density micro-fins are used to optimally guide the coolant intake-outtake flow for efficient heat transfer from the cold plate and into the coolant," G.Skill says.

The tubing used is 8mm (inner diameter) and sleeved. And as for the radiator, G.Skill claims it uses denser piping compared to "typical radiators," with the 360mm and 240mm models leveraging 3-4 times more radiator pipes, and the 280mm version using 6 times more radiator pipes.

High static pressure fans with nine fan blades provide the airflow, and of course RGB lighting is part of the package.

Whether it lives up to the hype, we'll have to wait and see—G.Skill says its new coolers will be available in 2021, backed by five-year warranties.

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