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Ghost Recon Wildlands 'Ghost War' standalone beta is open to everyone next week

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The Ghost Recon Wildlands team deathmatch mode that Ubisoft promised in March and detailed in July is just about ready for eyes. A "stand-alone open beta" will begin on September 21 and run until September 25, and will be available to everyone—even people who don't own the base game. 

Ghost War will give players access to 12 classes (six of them available in the beta) spread across three categories: Assault, Marksman, and Support. Combat will take place on eight "large-scale open maps," five of which will be playable in the beta, and newly-added PvP mechanics including suppressing fire and sound markers will also be supported, "to create a true military-strategic, team-based multiplayer mode." 

More information about the new mode will be revealed on Twitch at 9 am PT on September 19 on, the same day that preloads of the standalone beta client are set to go live. A full release date hasn't been set, but it's expected to be out sometime this fall. In the meantime, you can find out a little more about the three class categories in the video below.

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