Ghost Recon Wildlands season pass detailed, free PvP mode coming after launch

Ubisoft has revealed the details of the Ghost Recon Wildlands season pass, which will include not just one but two "major expansions," plus the Unidad Conspiracy missions and Peruvian Connection pack, faction-themed equipment packs, an exclusive "Bolivian minibus" vehicle, and permanent and single-use experience boosters. 

In the first expansion, Narco Road, players must take part in crazy off-road races and other challenges in order to infiltrate smuggling gangs and eliminate their leaders, with the ultimate goal of taking out the top guy, El Invisible. "Along with its more eccentric tone, this new adventure will include more than a dozen new missions across four provinces, new vehicles, new weapons skins, and side activities, with everything being entirely playable in solo and in four-player co-op," Ubisoft said.   

Next up is Fallen Ghosts, in which your team gets shot down during an evacuation and must fend off an elite group of ruthless mercenaries called Los Extranjeros. (Inspired by the adventures of the elite PC Gamer Hit Squad, perhaps.) "Get ready for your special ops skills to be put to the test," Ubi said. "Fortunately, new weapons and skills will help you and your friends find the strength to escape!" 

As for free post-launch content, a PvP mode featuring "tactical class-based 4v4 team combat that will put players’ skills to the test" will be rolled out a few months after launch. And there will be themed seasonal challenges, some for solo play and others requiring the help of the community, with unlockable rewards for those who take part. 

The Ghost Recon Wildlands season pass will go for $40, or can be had as part of the Wildlands Gold Edition, which lists for $100/£70/€90 on Steam, compared to $60/£40/€60 for the standard, no-pass-included release: Not exactly a huge savings, although the Gold Edition does offer a few extra in-game goodies, such as emblems, weapon camos, and an exclusive weapon and vehicle. At first blush, I'd say $40 for two-part season pass is pretty steep, but I suppose it depends on the actual size of the expansions. Ubisoft said more information about what they'll bring to the game will be revealed as they get closer to launch.   

Andy Chalk

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