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Fortnite will give out $100 million in prize money in 2019

Epic Games has announced the first details for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup, starting in April with the qualifiers and concluding at the end of June with the finals. Clearly Fortnite has made Epic's bank account fit to burst, as it plans on doling out $100,000,000 in prize money across 2019.

Starting on April 8 and ending on June 16, the open online qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup will pit players against each other for a $1 million prize pool each week. Then, from June 26-28, the top 100 solo players and top 50 duo teams will duke it out in New York. Every player will leave the finals with at least $50,000 of the $30 million prize pool, while the solo champion will net themselves $3 million.   

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The weekly tournaments will continue after the World Cup, along with the $1 million prize pools. They'll run until the end of the year and feature different modes and formats. Epic says that will "open up the competitive playing field", and it should hopefully be more fun to watch, to boot. Other events will also take place during the finals of the World Cup, so it won't just be battle royales. 

That's certainly a lot of money up for grabs for people who aren't horrifically bad at Fortnite. Not me, then. It's open to everyone, however, as long as you're 13 or over with a Fortnite account in good standing.

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