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DayZ update brings cannibalism to stable branch


I love patch notes. I especially love dry and flavourless patch notes. Games are neither dry nor flavourless, and that means these words contain secrets. For instance take a look at the new mechanics introduced in DayZ's latest stable patch:

  • Vehicles
  • Vehicles refueling
  • Prion Disease
  • New crafting recipes
  • Updated heat transfer
  • Watering plants

Ooh, nice, vehicles are in. And we've got some new crafting recipes. And... what's this? Neurodegenerative diseases? What's that all about?

For explanation, we can turn to the update's added items:

  • V3S
  • Ghillie Suite (Hood, Bushrag, Top)
  • Ghillie Weapon Wrap
  • Jerry can
  • Military Tent
  • Human Flesh
  • Netting
  • Steyr Aug
  • MP133 with pistol grip
  • Burlap strips

Yup, you read that right: burlap strips. Also: human flesh.

Essentially, you can now chomp down on a man steak. The functionality was originally introduced last month through an experimental update. Now it's in the game proper, along with the associated chance of catching Kuru if consumed raw.

Which means, while you may have to suffer the indignity of being eaten by your killer, at least there's a chance you'll give him a degenerative disease—thus claiming revenge from beyond the game. Stay safe out there, folks.

Patch 0.51.125720 is now live. You can see the full patch notes over at the DayZ forums.

Phil Savage
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