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Bound By Flame gets a launch trailer full of fighting and portentous dialogue

I do admire developers like Spiders and Cyanide for keeping the ambitious mid-budget RPG alive, even if their games don't always live up to their potential . Bound By Flame is Spiders' Dragon Age-ish fantasy RPG, and like most games on the precipice of launching, it's been given it's own launch trailer to celebrate the occasion. You'll find a new synonym for zombies - "Deadwalkers" - inside, along with the promise of sexytimes and lots of cutsceney battle footage.

In Bound By Flame, you play as a character possessed by a fire demon, which I imagine would be quite pleasant on a chilly winter's night. Spiders go into detail about what this means here , stating that "the choices and decisions you make in the game will determine if you allow your demonic side to predominate and gradually transform you physically in exchange for his powerful fire magic, or if you resist the demon's control and retain your humanity to develop your heroic skills." It's like Sophie's Choice all over again.

Spiders recently revealed a few images of the companions you'll be able to campaign with across the game, including a warrior, a mage, an elven archer, an icy witch, and a rather neat-looking skeletal swordsman.

Bound By Flame is out this Friday, May 9th.