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Arma 3's new terrain will debut at the PC Gaming Show

Arma 3

A piece of Altis, one of Arma 3's current default maps.

The war crafters at Bohemia Interactive posted a countdown clock today for an Arma 3 reveal timed for the evening of Tuesday, June 16. Hold on—that's the same time as our PC Gaming Show E3 event! Intriguing.

Bohemia will reveal the new, official terrain for Arma 3's first expansion live on stage (and live on Twitch). We don't know yet what sort of turf it'll be, but we'd expect it to be a departure from variegated Altis and Stratis, the pair of stock maps that the game launched with in 2013. Which terrain you're fighting on, Arma players know, has a big impact not only on what sort of experience you have as an infantryman or tank driver or pilot, but on the types of missions that the terrain inspires Arma's prolific modding community to create.

Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel had this to say in an official press release: "Following in the footsteps of Chernarus and Altis, the new Arma 3 terrain is already shaping up to become one of the most compelling destinations in the series, and we can't wait to show it for the very first time at E3," said Spanel. "Meanwhile, we also have exciting news to share about DayZ and Take On Mars, which - with the great support and patience from our players - are both working towards their next milestone in Early Access development."

If you can't wait 12 days, consider grabbing one of the many user-created terrains in the Arma 3 Steam Workshop.

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