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Apex Legends' training mode is getting some love soon

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Apex Legends' training mode doesn't currently give you a whole lot to work with, offering only a basic tutorial and a place to quickly test what you've learned before jumping into your first match. "By popular request," however, the training ground is getting an update, turning it into a place that's worth a revisit. 

Starting this season, new and experienced players will be able to test whatever characters, abilities and gear they want in the new firing range. In some footage shown off on the first Apex Devstream, below, all the glorious loot is laid out for you to pick up and take for a spin.

Design director Chad Grenier says it gives Respawn a new place that they can experiment with, hinting that there may be further additions, and that it's been a feature players have requested a lot. While the current training mode gets you ready for your first proper match, more experienced players wanted somewhere they could experiment with loadouts, new characters or changes to the meta.

The firing range will also come in handy if you want to train with your pals. Your squad can join you, so you can riddle shielded dummies and targets with bullets together. It also gives you somewhere to muck around if you're waiting for someone to show up.

The devs also go over what they've already revealed for the Fight and Fright Halloween event. Kings Canyon's been given a spooky makeover, which you can see some more of in the video, and there's also an interesting deep dive into the making of the original map. 

Fight and Fright will kick off on October 15, and while the firing range update hasn't been dated yet, Respawn says it's coming soon. 

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