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Apex Legends 'Fight or Fright' event features a creepy, twilit Kings Canyon

(Image credit: EA)

Next week Apex Legends will get a three week halloween-themed event called Fight or Fright, as previous leaks have suggested. It will see the return of the Kings Canyon map as the setting for a zombie-themed limited time mode.

The Shadowfall mode sounds cool: 34 solo players will fight to the death in a twilit Kings Canyon. Dying has you respawn as an undead member of the Shadow Squad, who cannot use weapons or abilities but can run very fast, scale walls, and hit very hard with melee attacks. The Shadow Squad respawns infinitely until there are ten living legends left, and these legends need to reach an evac ship without being slaughtered. It definitely sounds a hell of a lot like Titanfall crossed with zombies.

Of course, there are going to be new halloween skins, each with two themed quips, and the Fight or Fright skins are pretty damn scary. Take for instance, Caustic's skin embedded above: he kinda looks like Ronald McDonald, if Ronald McDonald joined Insane Clown Posse. I like it very much. But I also hate it. There are 24 event-specific cosmetics all up, ranging weapons skins through to the aforementioned character skins. These can be purchased and crafted with metals. 

The event runs October 15 through to November 5. October 25-28 will see a limited XP boost, where players can earn double XP for top 5 placement and wins. All the details are over on the Apex Legends site.

Shaun Prescott
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