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Among Us is getting a new map, and here's what it looks like

Among Us
(Image credit: InnerSloth)

Among Us is getting a new map soon, and above is our first glimpse of it. Aside from being unmistakably a screenshot from Among Us, there's very little to go on aside from the obvious—it appears to be set on a spaceship, and one of the characters is wearing a stylish monocle. Seriously, it looks great.

Unbelievably, Among Us didn't have an official Twitter account until today, and this tease was in part a way to celebrate the occasion (congrats, Among Us, you've joined the hellsite). Along with the screenshot was a strong hint that the map will be properly unveiled at The Game Awards, which takes place on December 10. Among Us is up for two prizes: Best multiplayer and best mobile game.

Here's the full tweet.

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If you're keen to master Among Us's current maps, our map guide will do the trick. The surprise social stealth phenomenon has had a massive rise to prominence, so much so that it's already generating a heap of cheap knock-offs and even a fan-film.

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