Here come the Among Us rip-offs

A screenshot of Killer Among Us 3D.
(Image credit: DreamTeamGames)

This was inevitable. The concept of Among Us is simple, its color-coded space people are distinctive, and its crude artwork is easy to elaborate on. It's also massively popular. Of course it's being cloned.

A Chinese version called Werewolf Among Us is one of the country's top iOS downloads. A VRChat world maker created a 3D version of Among Us a few weeks ago. And tucked into Steam's upcoming releases is the game pictured above: Killer Among Us 3D.

I really enjoy the flagrancy of Killer Among Us. Its title is adorably unsubtle: Not only does it directly include the phrase "Among Us," it fills in the original's implied word with "Killer," as if there were confusion as to who was "among us" in the original game. Endearing stuff.

Similarly, the Killer Among Us game description reads like someone copied the Wikipedia entry for Among Us and then did their best to swap key words with synonyms, as if trying to cheat on an essay assignment.

"You are on a spaceship and your ship modules are damaged," it reads. "You need to fix all faults. But there is ONE BUT, an alien creature 'Virus' got on the ship, which infuses people and controls their minds."

Killer Among Us 3D isn't the only rip-off on the way. Also coming soon to Steam is the more creatively-named Impostor Inside Us, in which you either play as "Peopel" or "Murder." The death of a peopel (computer detected) is pictured below.

(Image credit: Genene Game)

Over in the more collaborative-minded space of, where they aren't just trying to make a buck, Among Us is being complemented by mods and companion apps and weird little tributes such as Among Us: Shooter Game, which promises "lots of bugs." 

One person also made a free "fan game" called Among Us But It's Single Player, in which you play as an imposter killing AI crewmates—if you're seen, you're toast.

Surprisingly, I haven't seen anyone do a version called "Amongst Us" yet, but presumably someone, somewhere has a GameMaker project named that, and we'll see it soon enough.

Tyler Wilde
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