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American Truck Simulator lets you cruise around Colorado in new DLC

(Image credit: SCS Software)

American Truck Simulator recently teased a 'colourful' new journey DLC but left fans guessing where in the USA we'd get to cruise next. In that news story, Andy guessed that it would be Colorado and he'll be jumping for joy knowing that his guess what spot on. SCS Software has confirmed on its official website that the new destination is the rocky wilderness of Colorado.

The map for American Truck Simulator is slowly growing with Colorado being the ninth state added to the map next to Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, and New Mexico. 

Colorado's landscape is a mix of rocky mountains, open desert, and deep rivers so make sure you open your truck's window and get an eyeful of the open wilderness.

SCS ends the announcement saying that there are more projects in production with plans to release Colorado a couple of months after Idaho, but that the time frame may change. Looking at a map of America, SCS has covered most of the western states apart from Wyoming and Montana so I'm guessing that those states might be next on the cards.

There's currently no release date or set price for the Colorado DLC, but previous DLC releases have been around the $12/£10 mark.