American Truck Simulator's next expansion goes to Utah

American Truck Simulator is headed for the Beehive State. Developer SCS Software recently dropped an announcement trailer for the game's latest expansion, Utah, marking the seventh state added to American Truck Simulator, alongside California, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, and New Mexico. At this pace, you might be able to haul your goods across the whole country someday.

The announcement trailer is very brief and no-nonsense. It feels very clear and honest about what you're getting—the same trucking you're used to, now in Utah. Which, I get the sense, is exactly what fans are looking for.

SCS doesn't have a release date or price to share yet, but if it's priced like past expansions, expect Utah to cost around $12. The base game and its DLC are still on sale until the Steam Summer Sale ends July 9.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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