American Truck Simulator will have Nevada at launch

American Truck Simulator's map at launch (with free Nevada DLC installed)

American Truck Simulator's map at launch (with free Nevada DLC installed).

SCS announced that American Truck Simulator would launch with only the state of California (almost twice the size of the UK, in fairness). This caused the sort of tension I associate with the hero swaggering through saloon doors in classic westerns, so SCS has clarified its plans and is sending a new state along for the ride: Nevada. Woo, sand.

According to a blog post, the team always hoped Nevada would be finished by launch but weren't confident enough to guarantee it. Luckily, it's done, although you'll have to install it as free day-one DLC.

Arizona is also in the works and will also be free when it releases, but there's no firm date on that front. Given the extraordinary diversity of the US, it's almost a pity see three dusty states in a row (yes, yes, I know there's North California and the Sierra Nevada and sometimes it rains if the special dance is done just right, but it's all relative). Still, when it comes to long-distance trucking, I suppose it does help if the roads join up.

American Truck Simulator will release February 3, but there's an hour of footage available if you need to live vicariously.