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Alan Wake stars in the latest Humble Weekly Sale

Is it still a weekly sale if there hasn't been one for over a month? Does it matter when the upshot is a bunch of cheap games? Probably not. So instead of questioning their time-keeping, let's celebrate the fact that the Humble Weekly Sale has returned, and is providing a pay-what-you-want offer for Remedy's Alan Wake games.

For the next week, you can choose your own amount for Alan Wake: Collector's Edition, containing the bonus episodes "The Writer", and "The Signal". You'll also get standalone DLC pack American Nightmare, and a bundle of videos, art and other bonuses - including "developer commentary videos, an illustrated PDF book, and the Alan Wake soundtrack."

Along with the bundle, Remedy have released a video of creative director Sam Lake (of Max Payne's face fame) explaining the unlikely, but still possible, future of Alan Wake. Watch to learn about the game's slow-burn, cult success; Remedy's next project, the Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break; and how the studio doesn't appear to own a camera that doesn't drift listlessly to the side as it films.

Phil Savage
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