8 reasons to subscribe to PC Gamer magazine

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We're currently hosting a massive sale on PC Gamer UK subscriptions, saving you up to 44 percent off the cover price—that's £12.50 for a three-month subscription. 

It's an exciting time for PC gaming. Cyberpunk 2077 is on the horizon, we're piloting TIE fighters in Star Wars: Squadrons, Steve from Minecraft is invading Smash Brothers, and Fall Guys has taken the world by storm. That all makes this is a great time to subscribe to PC Gamer magazine and be part of a crew that has been obsessively covering PC games for 25 years. Join us! There are frankly too many reasons to subscribe to express in just one article, but we've narrowed them all down to just eight.

1. Deep dives into the games you love

Every issue we do a big—often exclusive—deep dive into one of the most exciting PC games on the horizon. Recent issues have featured in-depth looks at Cyberpunk 2077, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Baldur's Gate III and more. It's not just upcoming games that burn under our watchful gaze—just recently Alex Wiltshire talked to the creative minds behind System Shock 2 to unearth the surprising story of how it was made.

2. A celebration of the wider culture of PC gaming

We investigate the culture surrounding PC gaming, from the people who make the games to the people who celebrate them in strange and wonderful ways. Sometimes that means talking to the developers of EVE Online in a hot tub. Sometimes that means revealing the difficulties of Chinese indie development. And sometimes it just means asking developers about toilets in videogames.

3. Curated lists of the best PC games

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We also keep track of the breadth of PC gaming, with our annual best free games list and, of course, the top 100 PC games you can play right now. You'll never be short of things to play. In our comprehensive review section you'll get all of our thoughts on the latest releases, so you can judge with confidence the games that are currently worth your time and money.

4. Advice to help you get the most from your PC

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In addition to our game reviews, our ever-expanding hardware team are on hand to offer key advice to help you find the perfect components for your rig. We also maintain parts lists for three PC builds—budget, mid-range and extravagantly decadent—for anyone looking for a brand new setup.

5. The best PC games from the past and present

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Extra Life is, if we do say so ourselves, the best section of the magazine. It's a celebration of PC gaming's past and present. In Reinstall, we take a look at enduring classics, cult favourites and niche mistakes. In Why I Love, we revel in the best bits of our favourite PC games. And in Diary, we try to force the AI to play Crusader Kings II for us, leave RNG in charge of our Hitman playthrough, or just try to raise a child in The Sims 4 with predictably disastrous results.

6. Ridiculous back page jokes

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The PC Gamer back page joke is a time-honoured tradition. We try to maintain a respectable hit-to-miss ratio of 3:1, depending on how harrowing that month's deadline has been. That's better than most TV sketch shows.

You can judge last year's efforts here.

7. Exclusive subscriber covers

As a special treat for our UK readers, we produce these gorgeous subscriber covers each month. Rather than load the cover up with hits designed to catch the eye of a passing shopper, these focus on a clean, attractive image that highlights the biggest game of that issue.

8. Free gifts with the print edition

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Finally, print readers can look forward to a selection of freebies, from free games to exclusive in-game items. We've given away everything from Europe Universalis IV and Age of Wonders III, to a PCG-themed pet for Runescape. We even once gave away a little virtual magazine to sit on your Euro Truck Simulator 2 lorry's dashboard.

We also sometimes bundle in bonus 32-page magazines—including our annual Top 100 PC games booklet—at no additional cost to subscribers.

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