Two very nice bears revealed for Tekken 7

When Tekken 7 releases next year, you'll be able to play as the series' classic characters Kuma and Panda. While Kuma is absolutely smitten with Panda, she still doesn't seem to want to return his affection, as she proves in a trailer (above) by juggling and kicking the crap out of the brown bear.

While PC Gamer's James Davenport fancies himself a horse expert, I like to think I'm quite the specialist when it comes to bears. And boy, do we have ourselves two quality bears in Tekken 7. Both Kuma and Panda prove themselves as exquisite dancers, before showing that they can also bring that fancy footwork to a brawl. This time around, they'll have unique move sets, as opposed to being a palette swap as in some previous games.

Kuma's style seems to go for shorter juggles that push the opponent back, while Panda knocks foes further into the air to juggle them. Both bears show that they can bring fashion to the ring, with Kuma wearing a cool-looking mask and Panda sporting a fantastic pink hat. And as I wrote earlier, Panda absolutely dominates Kuma, at least in the trailer—Kuma doesn't even land a hit. 

Not to be outshined, however, Kuma brings his favourite food, Salmon, to a fight against Paul Phoenix and uses it to hit a home run. He can then be seen lying on the ground, exhausted. Don't get up, Kuma. You deserve the rest.

Tekken 7 releases in early 2017. Other characters confirmed for Tekken 7 include Heihachi, Kazumi Mishima, Akuma, Bob, Master Raven, and more. You can watch another trailer featuring characters Nina Williams and Marshall Law here.

Personally, I haven't been excited about Tekken for a while, but everything about Tekken 7 has me clambering to get my hands on it. It's definitely the story mode that makes me want to play it most, but seeing that Kuma and Panda have two unique styles from each other makes me interested to try both of them out, instead of ignore them altogether.