Tekken 7 trailer flaunts flashy fisticuffs action

As you might've spied via today's Golden Joystick Awards livestream, a new half-story, half-brutal violence-boasting Tekken 7 trailer has been revealed. 

Tekken 7 marks the fighting series' PC debut, and stars of the latest showing include the age-defying Heihachi Mishima and Street Fighter-turned-Tekkenite Akuma; as well as tall-haired series stalwart Paul Phoenix and old school martial arts master Marshall Law. I'm a wee bit behind on my Tekken lore so I have no idea why Nina Williams is rocking a wedding dress and a firearm—but perhaps one of you can enlighten me in the comments south of here. 

In the meantime, here's the trailer:

A typical amount of body slamming, pre-match grandstanding, and eye-laser blasting, then, which is absolutely how Tekken is best served. At this stage it's not entirely clear what the missile-launching choppers stand for, nor do we know what Heihachi is flicking that lit match towards and why—but I must say the ever-changeable Yoshimitsu's current guise continues to impress. 

For more Tekken 7-related writing, check out fighting game guru Andi Hamilton's coverage of the King of the Iron First qualifiers. For those who prefer moving pictures, head this way for 11 minutes of in-game footage. 

Tekken 7 is due "early" 2017.