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Turbo Overkill looks like the hyper violent FPS of my dreams

Hey, Turbo Overkill? You're looking good. Really good. The upcoming indie FPS from Trigger Happy Interactive just got its first gameplay trailer and I'm already sold. The clip is an uninterrupted five minutes of absurd violence that moves so fast it's hard for my brain to keep up with it.

It's got plasma rifles, floaty jumps, wallrunning, a missile launcher arm, chainsaw leg(??), and best of all, a triple-charge shotgun straight out of System Shock. It's not just the absurd weapons that have me jazzed on Turbo Overkill: the video also shows a bunch of little touches that I love in a good FPS, like expressive hand movements, impactful weapon sounds, and what seem to be wide-open levels.

The trailer gives me major Doom Eternal vibes. I can already see a similar level of gun variety with secondary tools like the chainsaw leg and missiles, but I'm curious to see if Turbo Overkill will similarly force players to change up their playstyle with ammo limitations. Be it free-flowing power trip or real-time murder chess, I'm up for either.

This is the two-person indie studio's first game under Trigger Happy, but lead developer Sam Prebble is no stranger to the genre. They were the sole developer behind Total Chaos, the excellent Doom 2 total conversion mod that we played back in 2019. Composer Gribblesnap is handling the rippin' music as well as sound design and concept art.

Turbo OverkillTurbo Overkill has no release date yet, but you can wishlist it on Steam right now. You can also follow the developer on Twitter for future development updates or join the official Discord.

Morgan is an FPS specialist and one of PC Gamer's resident young people. He would love to spend more time playing weird stealth games and immersive sims, but he's still waiting for Warzone shaders to install.