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Trine dev Frozenbyte announces Has-Been Heroes

Did Frozenbyte stop to think of me when it described its new project as "a game of strategy and action with a roguelike twist"? Did it heck. What genre am I supposed to lump Has-Been Heroes in, given the aforementioned genre-mingling nugget? I've settled on 'RPG', but it doesn't feel quite right. I mean, just look at this:

Frozenbyte made the Trine series, of course, but Has-Been Heroes seems veeeery different to that 2.5D fantasy platform game. It's two-dimensional, for one thing. It also looks a little like Darkest Dungeon, but with grimness swapped for comedy; darkness swapped for piles of colour, and who knows, maybe such a mixture will taste just right.

It's due out sometime in March, but before that, here's the game's wacky backstory:

"Embark on an epic journey with the Has-Been Heroes, a group of legendary champions once celebrated throughout the kingdom for their heroic deeds - they have killed rats, rescued a prince, fought wars, slain a dragon... The kingdom prospered and peace prevailed. Legends grew old, and stories faded. The heroes weren't needed.

"But then, after years of peace, the King has one more quest, a quest so important he can only trust to his epic band of heroes, the toughest and bravest in all the kingdom. A quest of epic proportions... TO TAKE THE TWIN PRINCESSES TO SCHOOL!"

Those heroes, by the way, will include the "young and eager Rogue", the "tall-telling Bard, the Anthropologist turned Mexican Wrestler, the diamond-seeking Dwarf, the ever-vigilant and paranoid Sheikh, and many more".