Trials Fusion races into the future with Fault One Zero DLC

Trials Fusion Fault One Zero

The Trials Fusion DLC puzzle is one piece closer to completion, as Fault One Zero, the fifth of six content packs planned for the aerobatic platform racer, is now available. The new content turns players loose in the futuristic city of Megalopolis, "where man and machine are only distinguishable by their medical records."

That's actually a pretty good line, isn't it? Sadly, the trailer doesn't indicate the presence of any particularly disturbing cybernetic racing-slash-death machines, but it does have "holographic cityscapes, testing facilities, assembly lines, retro gaming areas, and a robot dumping ground" to race through. Fault One Zero will add ten new tracks to the game, 24 new challenges, five trophies, and an indeterminate number of new objects for the track editor.

The trailer looks like a decent bit of fun, and in case you missed our review from last year, Trials Fusion itself is apparently quite good too. Fault One Zero is available now from Steam and other fine online retailers, and also directly from Ubisoft.

Andy Chalk

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