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Treat yourself (and your ass) to £100 off a top gaming chair from Box UK today

Treat yourself (and your ass) to £100 off a top gaming chair from Box UK today
(Image credit: Arozzi)
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You can find all of these, and more, at Box's deals page for accessories here.

Even before the Amazon Prime Day PC deals start in a couple of weeks time, those in the UK looking to treat their bum right can take advantage of some great prices on gaming chairs over at Box right now. You can save the best part of £100 on any of their Vernazza model chairs—like the blue one in the headline. I say best part of, because they vary by a few quid here or there from colour to colour, but these are premium chairs coming at a rear-ly attractive price.

We rate Arozzi and their chairs quite highly and the Vernazza's cousin, the Verona Junior, sits very high up our take on the best gaming chairs. So, sit comfortably in front of one of the best gaming PCs, with one of the best 4K monitors for gaming and take the weight off yourself when gaming.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair | Blue | £179.99 (save £100)
The cool blue model looks very sharp and represents the best saving from the list price by a few quid.View Deal

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair | Orange | £179.99 (save £96)
Looking the closest to a racing chair, and a bit louder than the others, the orange variant is up for grabs.View Deal

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair | Green | £179.99 (save £96)
The green one looks sharp and bold too, but in more reptilian way. Still nice though and a comfy, distinct place to put yourself!View Deal

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair | White | £179.99 (save £96)
The cool 'most office-like' white one is also on the same deal.View Deal

The red variant is also on offer but not by quite so much: it is currently at going for £188.83 (saving you £87). And if you're after a budget option, the Arozzi Enzo gaming chair has also had its price cut by 35 quid and is now £89.99.

So, even though July is around the corner, Prime day is confirmed and with it all the delicious deals that come with it, this is a great price and there's no telling if it'll be beaten. Definitely think about going for one of these if you're in need of upgrading your setup, especially as stocks seem to be limited.

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