Treat your eyes with this massive 32-inch 1440p gaming monitor for only $250

LG UltraGear monitor.
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One of my favorite big gaming monitors is back on sale. Amazon has a 32-inch 1440p LG Ultra Gear gaming monitor marked down to $250, and is tossing in some goodies to sweeten the deal. 

It's been about a year since we've last seen the LG32GN600 at this low price, and all signs indicate that the current $100 discount won't be disappearing imminently, so don't sweat if it sells out. Walmart is also selling the monitor at this new price, but only Amazon seems to be tossing in a pair of 6ft. HMDI 2.0 cables, a surge protector, and a bottle of screen cleaner for your patronage. 

The LG 32GN600 is a sizable 32-inch display with a decent refresh rate of 165hz and a low input lag of 1ms (with motion blur reduction turned off). The display supports FreeSync, so it'll make the most of your fancy Radeon RX 6800 XT GPU, or whichever AMD graphics card you're looking at, though it is also G-Sync compatible (not certified) in case you're running with team Nvidia. 

HP Omen 25L

LG UltraGear 32GN600-B | 32- inch | 1440p | 165Hz | FreeSync Premium | $349 $249 at Amazon (save $100)
$250 gets you a lot of screen. The 32-inch VA panel delivers 1440p resolution, 165Hz refresh rate, HDR10 support, and FreeSync capabilities. High marks for speed and size, though it skimps a little on quality-of-life features.

It's a VA panel, so the viewing angles will be a bit of an issue, compared to IPS, unless you set it directly in front of you. There's HDR support but no local dimmer, so don't expect impressive peak brightness. It also has decent color range, so you won't be disappointed if you want to use this outside gaming.

We actually had one of these monitors in our testing lab in New York last year for a couple of months, and while I like the size and performance of the LG, the biggest issue I had was the ergonomics. It doesn't rotate or swivel at all. It's only got a bit of a tilt, spoiling any second screen potential unless you buy a new stand or mounting arm (it is thankfully VESA compatible). There are no cable cutouts in the monitor stand, giving it poor cable management out of the box. Oh, and there are no speakers, so think about picking up one of the best gaming headsets to go with it. 

It's still a decent panel for the price, and as I mentioned, picking up this LG Ultra Gear display on Amazon will get a free surge protector, HDMI cables, and screen cleaner ($50 value all told) for your troubles. As someone who just found out you should replace a surge protector every two to three years (who knew?!?), I won't turn down a free one.

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