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Train Simulator 2014 announced as a free upgrade to 2013 edition

Train Simulator is an unstoppable juggernaut, and it's not going to let something as trivial as annual iteration slow down its high-speed journey through the world of digital sim distribution. What started as Railworks 2: Train Simulator, morphed into Train Simulator 2012, then further upgraded to 2013. It's now set to become Train Simulator 2014, after a brief stop at the Steam update station this September.

On the surface, it seems like the most generous sequel release plan imaginable. But it's a decision that makes sense, given that the existing game offers a full £1623.03 worth of DLC purchases. Also that the promised upgrades, while helpful, arguably don't justify a separate game. Planned to arrive with the 2014 edition are an improved UI, better graphics, and enhanced career mode, letting players earn points towards medals, rewards and achievements.

Players will also get to try the new Hamburg to Hanover route. Additionally, Train Simulator already features Steam Workshop support, letting players build their own routes, and download those made by others. If you were at all in doubt about the size of the game's community, know that this is a thing that many people have done .

Train Simulator 2014 is scheduled for arrival on September 26th, 2013.

Phil Savage
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