Total War: Three Kingdoms is a massive hit in China

The day it launched, Total War: Three Kingdoms smashed the series record for concurrent players, and over the weekend that number has climbed to more than 190,000. That’s in no small part thanks to the game’s popularity in China, a trend that has peaked with the series’ turn to the nation’s Three Kingdoms era.

Rob Bartholomew, Creative Assembly’s chief product officer, spoke with about Three Kingdom’s success, and said that the Chinese market has “kind of gone crazy for us” with this latest Total War entry.

On the one hand, it’s hardly surprising that Chinese players would be excited to play the first Total War title that deals with Chinese history specifically. But Bartholomew says that China has been a growing market for Total War for a while now.

“China, in particular, has dramatically moved up through the market share ranking for our titles over the last four or five years,” he said. “We’re now at a point where China is absolutely the most major market for Three Kingdoms.”

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