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Total War sells over 36M copies, Creative Assembly now biggest UK developer

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The venerable Total War series of strategy games, which turns 21 this year, has sold over 36 million copies, Creative Assembly announced (opens in new tab). Total War: Three Kingdoms accounts for a good portion of that—a smash hit in China, Three Kingdoms became the fastest-selling game in the series when it moved a million copies in a single week. The Warhammer games have been massive as well, with preorders for Warhammer 3 topping the Steam charts. Creative Assembly says 1.5 million people play Total War every month.

The developer now has 800 permanent staff and has opened a third studio in West Sussex, which it says makes Creative Assembly "the largest UK games developer". Studio director Gareth Edmondson said, "This is an incredibly exciting time for Creative Assembly with the highly-anticipated Total War: Warhammer III on the horizon and our new sci-fi-shooter IP in development."

That sci-fi shooter is the game mentioned when director Neil Blomkamp visited the studio, which we still don't know much about. According to a blog post on CA's website (opens in new tab), "This ambitious multiplayer title is a fresh take on the FPS genre that will allow players to embrace a variety of creative playstyles."

We don't know when to expect that one, but Total War: Warhammer 3 is due out in late 2021.

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