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Tooth and Tail will be out this September

The RTS genre isn't in particularly rude health at the moment, so it would be nice if Pocketwatch Games' Tooth and Tail could give it a bit of a shot in the arm. You're probably aware that it's from the developers of Monaco, and takes the form of a "distilled" real-time strategy game featuring cute/murderous little animals, like out of Redwall. Tom Marks got to play some of its single-player campaign back in March, so head here if you're interested in how the "Mario Kart of RTSes" plays.

Tooth and Tail now has a release date, September 12, along with a new trailer that explains that you'll be fighting for the fate of animalkind. And if you're expecting that the game will be all light-hearted and happy, because animals, I have some worrying news: the plot involves some dude's son being eaten in a 'harvest'. Blimey.