Tomb Raider's "Survivor" trailer: explosions, bows and even some wubs

Up to now, Tomb Raider's promotional trailers have been brutal, harrowing and even controversial . With the latest we're demonstrably moving into the next phase of the Lara's struggle for survival, which I'm colloquially calling "Lara kills all of the people".

So, plenty of sneaking around with a bow and arrow, but also cover-based firefights (with a bow and arrow) and barrel exploding (with a bow and arrow).

It's worth noting that this is a version of the trailer that played for the VGAs (think an ultra-compact E3 on cheap speed), so it leans heavily towards "hey look, there's murders! Yay!" We still don't really know if the game will feature any of the environmental puzzles - or, you know, tombs - that Tomb Raider is traditionally known for.

Phil Savage

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