Titanfall 2's upcoming free DLC detailed, includes a map from first game

Shortly after Titanfall 2 was announced, it was revealed that every map and mode released as DLC would be free. And developer Respawn Entertainment is staying true to that, having detailed the game's upcoming free DLC through March. 

The first thing players can expect is the previously announced Live Fire multiplayer mode in February. It pits two teams of six against each other in rounds that only last a minute. To win, players must eliminate the other team or be in possession of the flag when time runs out. Additionally, it'll feature maps specifically designed for the mode. Designer Griffin Dean says the new maps are "designed to force confrontation and focus combat."

"Live Fire maps are designed around controlled sightlines, choke points, and flank routes," he said. "These aren't reactionary encounters: It's best to have a game plan. You know where your enemy is coming from and you must utilize your abilities and mobility to outplay them. If you manage to flank your opponents, you can devastate their ranks." 

In March, an update will add new Prime Titans and cosmetics to the store, and implement a patch that focusing on balance adjustments and bug fixes. It also brings a new weapon, Pilot execution, and the Titanfall 1 map Colony. In the accompanying blog post, Respawn said the classic map is "starting to look great with a new coat of paint."

No specific dates were revealed for any of the free content, but PC Gamer will report back when they're announced. While you wait, you can read our guides on how to get the most out of each Titan and the best guns to take into battle with you.